Flying Solo is complete

Almost four years after filming started, production on feature documentary Flying Solo has wrapped. The film follows three people with Down syndrome in Sydney, Australia as they embark on a quest to become independent.

Digby Webster is a talented artist who dreams of one day moving out of home. Friend Tom Elenor fantasizes about stardom but struggles with the responsibilities that come with living independently. Award-winning actress Tracie Sammut now wants to teach acting and put a stop to industry stereotyping. As they take their first strides towards independence, each will face new challenges and opportunities that will test their resolve. In their struggle to find a balance between dreams and reality, can they fly – or will they fall?

The film first began as a short student documentary The Talented Mr Digby, produced in 2013 at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney. Over time, the film grew; where first it focused solely on the life of Digby Webster, it expanded to include new documentary subjects Tom and Tracie. Through their stories, we were able to explore what it means to be independent for someone with an intellectual disability today, and what some of the hurdles and highlights they can expect to face along the way.

We will be submitting the film to a range of festivals over the coming months in the lead-up to a commercial release. Like our Facebook page and we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop about any future screenings and where you can access the film.

Interested in holding a private screening of Flying Solo? We’ll be making screening kits available to community groups, schools and not-for-profits interested in spreading the word and using the film to fundraise. Subscribe to our mailing list above and we’ll let you know when the kits become available.

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