Help us get the film out there!


Interested in partnering with us to maximize the film’s impact? We are currently looking to work with both commercial and not-for-profit organizations that share our goals. Get in touch with us here.


We’ll be making screening kits available to community groups, schools and not-for-profits interested in spreading the word and using the film to fundraise. Subscribe to our mailing list above and we’ll let you know when the kits become available.



Flying Solo has received no funding to date.  We are currently seeking philanthropic support to help fund the film’s distribution and our education and outreach campaign. The film is currently registered with the Documentary Australia Foundation (which has TCC and DGR status), so all donations to the production are tax deductible.


Follow this link to view our film’s Documentary Australia Foundation page. On the right hand side of the page you will see a blue tab labeled ‘Donate to a Film’. Click this tab then sign up for access, creating a unique username and password. Then complete the details of how much you would like to give and choose the film title (Flying Solo) from the drop-down list, completing all other boxes/questions. Then click send.

Please await an email response from DAF, containing payment options and banking details. Follow the attached instructions to make your donation. Once the donation has been received DAF will post a receipt to you for tax purposes. Thank you for your support!

Documentary filmmakers and philanthropists share common goals
The difference with documentaries
Documentaries have unique power
Why do documentaries need philanthropic funding?
The benefits of helping to fund documentaries
Is it expensive to help fund a documentary?
How does funding work?
  1. The charity or non-profit has DGR status in order for the donor to receive a tax deduction.
  2. Foundations are already working closely with the charity sector, so they speak the same language and understand each other’s goals.
  3. The charitable organisation can add credibility to the documentary proposal by partnering in their relationship to the community.
  4.  The charity can have an ongoing involvement in the outreach of the documentary ensuring its broad reach and impact.
What’s the outcome of giving a grant?