Who we are

Meet the team behind the film


Ehsan Knopf – Director/Producer

Ehsan “Essy” Knopf is an LA-based Australian-American writer and filmmaker. A late diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome in 2012 inspired Ehsan to produce his first feature length documentary, Flying Solo (2017). Prior to Flying Solo, Ehsan completed a short documentary series on online dating, Lovesick: The Web Series (2014), and a web documentary about pop cultural figure Conan the Barbarian, titled Finding Conan (2014). In 2013 he completed the short films The Talented Mr DigbyThe Rise of AJ Domino and Jackey Jackey. For more information, visit www.ehsanknopf.com.


Digby Webster

Digby Webster is an Australian artist based in Sydney, Australia. While Digby works across a number of mediums, his body of work largely consists of paintings and oil pastel sketches. Digby paints and draws in an expressionist style and has been praised for his outstanding use of colour. His works have been featured in a number of exhibitions. For more information, see www.digbywebster.com.

Tom Elenor

Tom Elenor is a Sydney resident who aspires to one day becoming an actor for film and TV and film.

Tracie Sammut

Formerly an award-winning actress, Tracie Sammut is passionate about teaching acting to people with intellectual disabilities.